Sunday Streets in San Francisco Follows Colombian Tradition

Marc Caposino currently serves as the creative director at Hartmann Studios in Richmond, California. Previously, he contributed extensively to the San Francisco community through his work with organizations and public agencies such as SFMTA, the Mayor’s Office, and the Department of the Environment. Marc Caposino also assisted in launching San Francisco’s Sunday Streets program.

Sunday Streets involves temporarily closing streets to traffic in order to provide people with a place to gather for recreation and community-building activities. The event takes place on various Sundays throughout the year. In addition to giving participants the opportunity for activities ranging from bicycling to dance and yoga, Sunday Streets includes informational and recreational services from health organizations and other non-profit groups.

Inaugurated in San Francisco in 2008, Sunday Streets derives its origins from a similar event in Bogotá, Colombia, known as Ciclovía, which began in 1976. The event proved so popular that it continued to expand in Bogotá throughout the following years and then spread across the world, from Japan to the Ukraine.


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