Developing Small Business in San Francisco

Currently the communication and marketing director for Seamon Corporation in Greenbelt, Maryland, Marc Caposino previously created a number of publicity campaigns for the City of San Francisco. Among Marc Caposino’s clients in that city was the Small Business Commission, for which he made several speaking appearances.

The commission recently adapted a four-part strategy for its mission of attracting and maintaining small business in the area. These goals include making the permitting process more efficient, tracking the commission’s performance, improving outreach to small businesses, and representing interests for small businesses at the public policy level.

In particular, the commission, through its subsidiary department, the Office of Small Business, strives to make a concerted effort to assist small businesses in crucial areas. These initiatives include improving the agencies’ website to facilitate obtaining demographic information and online forms. The office also plans to make it easier for business persons to reach the right help among the city’s bureaucracies.

The strategic plan further calls for the office to proactively expand its visibility at special events and work together more often with other city departments.


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