Reasons to Take a Creative Writing Course

Marc Caposino, the communication and marketing director at Seamon Corporation, has more than two decades of experience overseeing comprehensive public relations and marketing campaigns. Prior to the start of his career, Marc Caposino studied creative writing at California State University, Long Beach.

There are a number of unexpected benefits to be had from taking a creative writing course in college. Creative writers regularly engage in discussions on diction and word choice without the formality of a public speaking or speech writing course. In this way, individuals who study creative writing explore their personal approach to language and communication and learn to appreciate careful word placement and effective sentence structure.

For business students, a creative writing course teaches the importance of details. In today’s world people are often obsessed with the big picture, or the final outcome, without paying attention to crucial contributing factors. Hills Like White Elephants by Ernest Hemmingway is one of the most widely anthologized works of short fiction and a frequent topic of discussion in creative writing courses, despite consisting of less than 1,500 words. Study of minimalist literature like this conveys the benefits of brevity and being concise. Lastly, creative writing teachers support work that is passionate and truthful. Regardless of the career an individual intends to pursue, dedication to technique and commitment to sincerity are necessary for success.


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