Play Streets Brings Recreation into San Francisco Neighborhoods

Accomplished marketing and communications professional Marc Caposino has led a number of large-scale projects throughout his career. An active member of his community, Marc Caposino has also used his talents to help develop several community-based programs, such as Sunday Streets, a series of summer events that transform San Francisco’s streets into a large, temporary public space free of vehicles where residents can participate in biking, running, yoga, or any other physical activity.

Now in its sixth year, Sunday Streets continues to be a popular program enjoyed by thousands of individuals annually. In 2013, a new program element, Play Streets for All, was launched in an effort to extend the Sunday Streets concept into more San Francisco neighborhoods.

Incorporating many features of Sunday Streets, Play Streets events creates a temporary open space dedicated to recreation and unique local programming. Play Streets is specifically aimed at San Francisco’s youth and is designed to create recreational opportunities in neighborhoods with limited access to other resources.

Utilizing only one to two city blocks, Play Streets is substantially smaller than Sunday Streets events, which use up to 5 miles of city space. The much smaller scope of Play Streets enables more individuals to organize events in their own communities on any day of the week.


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