The Advantages of Riding a Bike

Marc Caposino presently serves Seamon Corporation in Greenbelt, Maryland, as the company’s communication and marketing director. Marc Caposino has also worked on numerous projects in California’s Bay Area, including a promotional campaign aimed at increasing the use of public transportation and bicycles.

There are numerous advantages to riding a bicycle compared to driving a car. A cyclist exercises virtually all parts of the body, not just the legs, and an hour-long bike ride at a moderate speed can burn nearly 500 calories. About 50 percent of Americans live within 5 miles of their place of work. If they rode a bike to work, they would bike for approximately 40 minutes per day. A month of cycling to work can burn 1 pound of fat every month.

The annual maintenance fees on bikes are another attractive feature. It costs about $300 to keep a bike in good running condition every year, almost 30 times less than the maintenance costs of an automobile. Gas savings are even more impressive: If the U.S. population of drivers replaced a single, 4-mile car ride with a bike ride every week, national savings would exceed $7 billion annually. Lastly, cycling reduces the amount of carbon emissions released into the atmosphere. This, of course, helps the planet, but also provides health benefits, as cyclists inhale less CO2 than drivers.


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