SFMTA’s Environmentally Friendly Features

A marketing and communications professional, Marc Caposino was an asset to the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency. As the company’s marketing director, Marc Caposino led the rebranding efforts of the organization’s identity, carried out community relations plans, and developed award-winning media strategies.

Following the San Francisco earthquake of 1906, the city’s publicly-owned municipal railway was born on December 28, 1912. Commonly referred to as the Muni, the railway was given a new identity as the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) in 1999.

The SFMTA features historic streetcars, rail vehicles, cable cars, and buses that serve an estimated 700,000 passengers each day. Its fleet is among the most environmentally friendly modes of transportation as it uses electricity and biodiesel to power its vehicles. In addition, the electric fleet integrates renewable hydroelectric power from the Hetch Hetchy Dam. Other efforts implemented by the SFMTA to reduce the city’s carbon footprint include building a safer bicycle network, improving its surrounding environment to encourage walking, and installing solar-powered transit stop shelters.


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