How to Effectively Brand

Marc Caposino currently serves Seamon Corporation in Greenbelt, Maryland, as its communication and marketing director. Over the course of his career, Marc Caposino has worked extensively in the area of branding, helping various organizations develop new brand identities and strategies.

Brand development, sometimes called brand building or simply branding, is a complex business practice that combines elements of public relations outreach and general marketing to establish a readily identifiable personality for a product or company. There are a number of ways to execute a branding initiative. One of the most important aspects of the branding process is having a clear end game, which entails establishing a goal for how the brand should eventually be perceived. If brand strategists do not understand the company’s aspirations for the brand, there is no way they can create an effective platform that will realize the company’s goal. Moreover, one of the company’s goals for its brand name and aesthetic should be to distinguish its product or service from similar offerings made by competitors.

Persistence is just as important as having a brand goal. After the initial wave of advertisements and promotional materials hit reach the public, marketers must begin to employ new strategies while reinforcing old efforts. Only brands that evolve over time and adapt to new trends endure long enough to become truly recognizable.

Finally, branding initiatives can only be successful if they take audience reaction into account. For example, a Twitter campaign may have been intended only as a small part of a widespread branding campaign. If the public reacts strongly, however, brand strategists must embrace Twitter as a tool moving forward and conceive of new ways to use it.