SFMTA Manages San Francisco’s Public Transit and Parking

A graduate of California State University, Marc Caposino has proven his skills in marketing and branding. Marc Caposino’s knowledge of marketing communications has enabled him to improve the images of two major transit agencies, one of which was the SFMTA, or San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency.

The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency, also referred to as the SFMTA, was first founded in 1999 by a voter proposition. The transportation agency manages San Francisco’s MUNI, or Municipal Railway, which receives over a half million passengers daily.

In addition to MUNI, the SFMTA is responsible for the activities of the city’s parking and traffic department. This part of the agency oversees the flow of traffic within the city, which includes automobiles, pedestrians, trucks, and bikes.

The department has established certain rules for streamlining San Francisco parking. For example, a carscannot stay in a parking spot for more than 72 hours. After that time, a warning is issued before the car is towed. Even if drivers have a parking permit, the rule is a standard measure. Cars parallel-parked must be no more than a foot and half from the curb and must face in the direction of the traffic flow.